Our clients are successful Companies whose expertise is acknowledged worldwide. They are looking for a small team of professionals for very specific needs, and want them to be competent and helping them with their projects, with very limited oversight. Many times, we become a kind of branch of their engineering departments.
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We only work with clients who are ready to move engineering to the next level and are looking for a strategic partner to help them get there.


ETA Automotive R&D department has started a job venture with Euronautics. Their first task was about weight/stiffness optimization of a high-performance race car knuckle. The outcome of this collaboration was 25% weight reduction with no adverse effect on stiffness. This result is even more remarkable, as the starting configuration of the knuckle was already accurately sized using conventional FEM analysis.


Francesco Di Pietrantonio - Chairman ETA Automotive


Euronautics has been working from 2013 shoulder-to-shoulder with Pagani Automobili Technical dept. This partnership is granting Pagani the advantage of aerospace analysis methods along with Euronautics engineers’ experience in optimizing weight efficiency.


Horacio Pagani - CEO - Pagani Automobili SpA

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