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Structural analysis and optimization of composite and alloys

These are the only things we can do, and this is what we are proud to offer to our Clients.
It does not matter if we are dealing with a complex assembly or a simple little part, we figure out the way it’s loaded, when it’s going to break, and if it is possible to make it lighter. That’s it.

So, more than trying to convince you about how good we think we are, we prefer to give you a few examples of things we’ve worked on, and let you decide if you want to give us the chance to work on your specific needs.

Working on Eco-Flyer, a new way of flying.

In summer 2016, Euronautics has been selected by Airbus to perform the structural optimization of the all-composite wing for Eco-Flyer, a 2-seat full electric experimental airplane which is being developed by the world-leading aircraft manufacturer in Bristol.
Object of the task is to reduce the weight of the structure still fulfilling the stringent regulatory requirements and Airbus engineering best practices, in order for Eco-Flyer to push further the technological limits of this cutting-edge technology.
We are pleased to have been selected by Airbus for this partnership, as this will allow us to prove the competitiveness of our services in the wide offer of structural engineering Companies.

Hi-Quad, the future of urban transportation.

Euronautics has worked with Picchio SpA for a wide-range trade study about the structural chassis configuration of a full-electric vehicle named Hi-Quad (www.hiquad.it). Primary scope of the Hi-Quad program was to resolve the issue of battery charge, which takes several hours, by means of an innovative battery sharing system. For this reason, under the supervision by Picchio, Euronautics developed multiple material and configuration proposals for the vehicle chassis, including metallic, thermoset and thermoplastic options. The side-to-side comparison among the different configurations in terms of material cost, labour, mechanical performance and industrial readiness was presented to Picchio, which could select the best option depending on their needs. This way, Euronautics has relieved its Customer from the effort of wasting its time on non-core tasks.

Self-financed R&D

We believe that we can not stand and wait only for Clients to hand us interesting topics to work on. For this reason, we constantly work as much as we can on Research and Development of new solutions for pulling the ratio between performance and weight further and further. From this continuous search for the best, we developed a CFRP-intensive anti-roll bar for hyper-car application, which allows to save 25% of weight with the same stiffness and strength of the baseline concept.

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