who WE ARE

Structural engineering since 2010

Euronautics srl provides the aeronautical, ground transportation and wind energy industries with a complete and flexible set of skills for the development of structural optimization and analysis.

Our logo - a capital “E” strained by shear tensor symbol arrows - summarizes our job: understanding structures and the loads they are subject to for achieving aeronautical-level performances.


Euronautics at a glance


Provide high-skill / low-volume structural engineering services.



Ground transportation.

Wind energy.


Top-level consulting services at competitive rates.

Work statement developed in own offices.

Flexible work-time to accommodate Customer time region.

Wide usage of remote conferencing.

Coordination meetings at the Customer site.

Can do

High-skilled engineers.

Suitable for complex tasks.

Vast experience in weight reduction campaigns (metal & composite).

Capability of taking work-statement with minimum supervision.

Can not do

Limited man-hours available.


High Skills, low rates

In line with world-wide international engineering Companies, Euronautics has a very small team of professionals.
This allows us to keep side-costs as low as possible, transferring this advantage on sought rates.

Euronautics engineers bring in the Company their top-level skills, including:

Analysis: 15+ years experience in composite and light alloy metallic structural analysis.
Methods: 10+ years experience in analysis methods and allowables definition.
Optimization: 10+ years experience in step-back approach to structural optimization.
Requirements: 10+ years experience in structural requirements definition, certification deliverables.
Testing: 15+ years experience in test matrix definition, set-up schematization, witnessing, correlation and reporting.


Weight Maniac

We only have one mission: remove every single ounce of unneeded weight on structures. Lap time, fuel consumption, material cost, handling, maintainability, and so on: no matter which kind of performance you’re looking for, weight is its worst enemy.
A heavy structure needs more powerful systems which are heavier, which enters you into a loop of unnecessary weight.
We are maniac about fighting weight: we do it with alternate configuration options, shape optimization, thickness distribution, material change.
Because we have only one rule: less is better than more. Period.


One step back

At Euronautics, we know that the knowledge of fancy analysis tools doesn’t grant good results per se. Sometimes, not even results obeying to real physics. It also takes experience, common sense, attitude to learning. We were able to take one step back in the approach to structural analysis, and find the best compromise between the fast and accurate 21st Century tools (appreciated in Academic and Research environments) and the old fashioned classical analyses (used and trusted in the Industry).


Structural design seldom requires sophisticated mathematics or a powerful computer. Rather, it depends on the ability of the designer to gain clear insight into the phenomena, to identify simplifying assumptions, and to apply straightforward methods to the simplified problem.


Robert Cook / Warren Young, Advanced Mechanics of Materials


More breath, more life


A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.


Henry Ford

We believe that our business is not there to feed the business, and more, and more. We want it to be also the means by which we help the research for terrible diseases, such as cystic fibrosis.
For this reason, we chose to support the Italian Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation, and ask you to spend a few minutes to use this link to better understand what this disease is, and how you can help it get defeated for good.